First Injured Germans Return From Asia | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 31.12.2004
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First Injured Germans Return From Asia

The first planeload of Germans who were badly injured in the south Asia tsunami disaster arrived in Germany in the early hours of Friday with other European nationals also on board.The German military 'MedEvac' Airbus that landed at Cologne military airport after a 15-hour flight from the southern Thai resort of Phuket was carrying 49 injured, mainly Germans but also nationals from Austria, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland. Two children, aged three and five, were among the injured. One of the children had lost both parents in the earthquake-triggered tidal waves on Sunday. A military doctor overseeing the injured said the condition of around ten of the patients had deteriorated during the flight and they had been taken straight to hospitals in the Cologne area.

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