Filipino fishermen say: Not on our watch | Global Ideas | DW | 06.06.2017

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Sustainable Fishing

Filipino fishermen say: Not on our watch

A community in the Philippines is fighting illegal fishing and protecting its environment with patrols - and pride in their waters.

Watch video 05:22

Overfishing in the Philippines

Project goal: Promoting sustainable fishing
Implementation: The Rare Pride Campaign aims to show fishing communities how valuable their natural resources are, and trains local authorities and fishermen in how to steward the marine environment
Project partners: International Climate Initiative (IKI), the local municipality of Libertad and the fisheries and environment ministries
Project budget: 2,175,000 Philippine pesos (40,000 euros)

The fishing communities of Libertad, in the western Philippines, have long contended with illegal fishermen traveling from near and far to catch valuable tuna in the waters there. The boats snapped up everything - even the young fish - often leaving the locals with empty nets. The nongovernmental organization Rare is trying to help by patrolling the coast and creating protected areas for coral reefs and juvenile fish. Locals are also learning how to steward the marine environment - and protect their livelihoods in the process.

A film by Florian Schmitt

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