Fiji and climate change | Reporter - On Location | DW | 03.03.2018
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Fiji and climate change

For 200 years the inhabitant of the Fiji Village Vunisavisavi have vowed to never leave their homes. Now the effects of Climate Change are apparent. The sea level is rising. Will the villagers stay or will they break their vow?

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For 200 years the inhabitants of the village Vunisavisavi have sworn an oath that neither they nor their descendants would give up their homes. But now the effects of Climate Change are increasingly noticable. The water is getting warmer, the coral is dying, and fish are becoming rare. More importantly, the sea level is rising and the water is flooding the coasts and chewing away at the huts. Maria Veremo and the other villagers are posing the following question: stay or relocate? Maria Veremo feels bound to the oath of her ancestors, but many others have moved to the inland. Maria wrestles with herself over whether or not she and her family should follow them. To Leave, or not to Leave? Fiji and Climate Change A Report by Bastian Hartig