Fighting poverty with fish | Reporter - On Location | DW | 04.04.2020
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Fighting poverty with fish

Mouhamed Mbaye lives in Germany, and wants to import fish from Senegal, where he was born. Freshly caught, sustainable, fair. His business would create new jobs – jobs the region urgently needs. But international competition is fierce.

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A German wholesaler has expressed interest in Mouhamed Mbaye’s assortment of exotic fish. But meeting the hygiene regulations poses a tough challenge: The refrigerated supply chain has to stay uninterrupted for the entire journey. That’s not an easy feat in Senegal, where you can expect high temperatures year-round. Mouhamed Mbaye takes the trip to oversee preparations. If he can manage to get this import-export business running, he could ensure a steady income for himself and his workers. And the revenue it generates would strengthen the local economy. A report by Eva Beyer and Ralph Weihermann.