Fifty years of Mia San Mia around the world | Sports| German football and major international sports news | DW | 15.02.2017
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Fifty years of Mia San Mia around the world

It has been almost 50 years since Bayern Munich won their first European Cup Winner's Cup. Now DW is working on a documentary to pay tribute to the most successful club in German football history.

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DW's Matthias Frickel on the Bayern documentary

Whether you love them or you hate them, Bayern Munich have certainly made their mark on German and international football. DW is working on a documentary to mark the 50th anniversary of the Bavarians winning their first international title.

Bayern Munich has hundreds of thousands of fans all over the world and you can be part of our documentary by sending us a video telling us why you love Bayern Munich. On the other hand, if you hate Bayern Munich, you can also be part of our documentary. Just tell us why you hate the mighty Bayern. The best video messages will be included in our Bayern Munich special.

Send your video message to: for a chance to win an autographed jersey.

In the video below, sports editor Matthias Frickel speaks about how the upcoming DW documentary on Bayern Munich: 


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