Feedback on Afghanistan, Indo-Pakistani relations and other topics | Asia| An in-depth look at news from across the continent | DW | 04.08.2010
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Feedback on Afghanistan, Indo-Pakistani relations and other topics

Our readers and Asia Compact listeners are passionate about sending in their views. Here's just a selection:

More and more Afghans want international troops to leave

More and more Afghans want international troops to leave

The following comments reflect the views of DW-WORLD.DE readers and Asia Compact listeners. Not all comments have been published. Deutsche Welle reserves the right to edit for length and appropriateness of content.


General Petraeus’ strategy might put other ISAF troops in harm’s way to cover the exit strategy similar to the costly Vietnam departure. Somehow, the US administration has to face the fact that this war in Afghanistan cannot be won and diplomacy should be used. By using non-Pashtun warlords who can make a deal with the Taliban on the division of power in Afghanistan. Both sides could be offered US and EU aid to compensate for their huge losses in lives and infrastructure saving money now wasted on this stupid military adventure. - G. Gosau, Canada

Send a severe message to Karzai: ‘Continue the corruption and see the foreign funds dry up!’ Completely end all funds to his government or to the country in general unless the transparency is full and honest. As long as the aid is filtered through scams and outright thievery there will be no reason to continue aid of any sort. – Jack Bares, US

Every threat has to be dealt with now and Afghanistan brought to complete security under its own power. If this is not accomplished now, the threats will grow and the cost of lives and money will be much greater. Not counting the terror attacks that may take place internationally if people are allowed to regroup, grow stronger and be equipped with advanced weapons. We are there now and the job must be finished. No international troops should leave until the job is finished. We have to invest lives, money and time now and finish the job. – Robert Kunz , Afghanistan

It makes no sense that the German military does not yet realize the majority of Afghans see them as occupiers. The German troops and their superior American troops are only creating more anger and hostility amid most Afghans. If you kill 10 insurgents, 100 will be born. More and more Afghans sense humiliation and insult when occupant forces continue to roam freely in their country. - Amir Iftikhar Warraich, Pakistan

Labor rights in Bangladesh

Due to a lack of transparency I don’t know what clothes or shoes are manufactured in Bangladesh. If I knew, I would not buy them. I do not buy Nikes for this reason. – Goodbye Atlantis, US

India and Pakistan

Great to see India and Pakistan talking again with their foreign ministers in Pakistan. Let’s hope for the sake of the Subcontinent that the talks are fruitful and maybe Pakistan will regain co-hosting rights for the 2011 Cricket World Cup with India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in spring 2011. - Stuart John Pearson, Australia

China and Taiwan

Free trade with China would be bad for Taiwan. China is a monster waiting to pounce. It will try to swallow anything or anyone that gets in the way of its profits or politics. Communism is bad for everyone. - Jack , Canada


I read with interest your article on the movie Tandoori Love. I am tempted to see the movie at the earliest. The way the article is written, you start feeling like dancing along with the tomatoes, vegetables, cows, farmers and actors. Dancing in the beautiful country of Switzerland with the backdrop of the Alps would be real fun. And imagine you are dancing with the love of your heart. That would be real great lovely ‘Tandooori!’ – Raghava Gopala Setty, India

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