Fashion Designer Jil Sander Quits Again | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 16.11.2004
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Fashion Designer Jil Sander Quits Again

In a surprise move, Jil Sander will for the second time in five years stop working for the fashion design company that bears her name. Her firm announced the decision Tuesday in Hamburg in a mandatory communication to the stock market. The German designer and her company had "agreed amicably to end their cooperation," the statement said. Jil Sander had only returned to the company in May 2003, after a three-year respite in the wake of disagreements with then Prada boss Patrizio Bertelli. Sander had sold controlling stakes in her company to the Italian Prada group in 1999. The Jil Sander label suffered profit losses from her departure and only started to recover once the designer returned to work there.

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