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Faces of Poverty - Living on Just a Few Cents

July 22, 2016

Bangladesh is the second largest textile producer in the world. Three and a half million people here sew jeans, t-shirts and dresses for a pittance - often for up to fourteen hours a day.

Image: ZDF

Many products bought every day in Germany are made in Bangladesh. Nevertheless, the workers are often desperately poor, because the goods are produced incredibly cheaply in Bangladesh. They sew our clothes and tan leather for shoes and bags.

A hazardous shift in a tannery earns a worker around nine cents per hour. The seamstresses in the textile factories earn a little more. But that’s still barely enough to survive. Just an eight-hour flight from Germany, adults and children work incredibly hard, doing any and every job, for any wage. This film asks about the causes, and also looks for solutions. But one thing quickly becomes clear: fairness in a globalized world is something else entirely.

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22.07.2016 Doku Gesichter der Armut1
Hundreds of large and small businesses in Bangladesh process leather for export, including to Germany.Image: ZDF