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Image: DW/P.Henriksen

Fabian Schmidt

Author and editor at the science desk with a focus on technologies and innovation

Fabian Schmidt is passionate about the surprising and the unusual. And there is more than enough of it to be found in science, research and development, from the smallest nano-worlds to the infinity of the universe.

There is so much to discover at universities and research institutes, but also in research-based industry: Germany is a leader in the field of laser technology. Using incredibly short light pulses, these devices now create things that no one dared to dream of just a few decades ago. In the field of biotechnology and medicine, the sequencing of human, animal and plant genomes has opened up entirely new worlds for mankind. Information technology has made simulations possible that point the way to new medicines. And we are about to enter a yet unknown era of quantum computing. All of this is difficult for laypeople to understand. Fabian Schmidt - a social scientist and linguist by training - therefore aims to tell these stories in a clear and exciting way.

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