Exhibition on the founder of Karlsruhe | DW Travel | DW | 08.05.2015
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Exhibition on the founder of Karlsruhe

He was strong-willed, despotic and vain and loved tulips and women. An exhibition is dedicated to the charismatic founder of the city of Karlsruhe: Margrave Karl Wilhelm of Baden-Durlach.

The exhibition "Karl Wilhelm 1679-1738" depicts all the different aspects of the Margrave. Beyond his personal penchant for luxury, with his yacht, 300 canaries, 5000 tulips and countless mistresses, he was a man with an economic vision and a social conscience.

Deutschland Nachbildung von Karl Wilhelm Markgraf von Baden-Durlach

A replica of Margrave Karl Wilhelm of Baden-Durlach

He laid the foundation stone of his castle on June 17, 1715. It became the starting point for the radial layout of this city, still unique to this day.
Many of the 250 items of the exhibition come from the House of Baden and were made public for the first time. These include religious trophies, busts, family portraits, oil paintings and historic city brochures. A treasury belonging to the House of Baden forms the centerpiece of the presentation. The exhibition underlining the 300th anniversary of Karlsruhe is held until October 18th.

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