Europe closes the door: Stranded in Idomeni | DW News - latest news and breaking stories | DW | 19.03.2016
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DW News

Europe closes the door: Stranded in Idomeni

Tens of thousands of refugees are stranded in the Idomeni camp on Greece's border with the Republic of Macedonia. Most are trying to reach Germany. But now the border's closed. They have nowhere else to go.

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Greece: Refugees in Idomeni

In the first months of 2016, tens of thousands of refugees left Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan for Europe. The great majority try to reach central Europe by the Balkan route. But now, it's been closed, leaving many refugees stranded in Greece. Many of them are afraid they'll be sent back to Turkey. Baha Samman from Syria was granted asylum in Germany. But his family can't get across the Greek-Macedonian border. He's doing everything he can to bring them to his new home.

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