Europa Park named world′s best amusement park for the fourth straight year | DW Travel | DW | 13.09.2017
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Europa Park named world's best amusement park for the fourth straight year

The world's best amusement park is in Germany! That is according to the US publication "Amusement Today". Europa Park Rust won because it offers something for all the family and it regularly creates new rides.

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A trip to Europapark Rust

Germany's biggest amusement park, the Europa Park in the town of Rust near Freiburg, has beaten the global competition to win the award for best amusement park in the world for the fourth straight year. This year's Golden Ticket award ceremony was held in Ohio on September 12. Europa Park is first and so far the only park in Europe to be given this award.

The Golden Ticket Awards - dubbed the Oscars of the amusement-park industry - are handed out annually by the trade publication "Amusement Today." The magazine sends out about 500 ballots to park enthusiasts from around the world and asks them to vote on more than two dozen awards, from best food to cleanest park to best carousel.

Europa Park Rust won because it offers a wide range of rides and activities for all ages and because the park regularly introduces new features and rides. Annually some 5.5 million people visit the Europa Park in Baden-Wuerttemberg.

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