euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 28.11.2010
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euromaxx highlights

euromaxx highlights

In this highlights edition: German Photographer Herlinde Koebl, artist Bruno Bruni at 75, an Englishman’s obsession with the nineteen forties, perfume flacon designer Pierre Dinand and, finally, Atelier Brückner and the art of designing exhibition spaces

German Photographer Herlinde Koebl
Herlinde Koebl’s unconventional and unmistakable artistic photos can be seen on display around the world. We portray the artist who won the Corine International Book Prize 2010 in the category World of Pictures.

Artist Bruno Bruni at 75
Italian-born Bruno Bruni has become one of the most famous contemporary artists in Germany. He shot to fame thanks to a representational art with mass appeal. He is famous not only as an artist but also as a Hamburg character: He’s almost a work of art himself.

Back to the Forties
Today we meet a 32-year-old from England who leads his life surrounded by 40s style. British Airways flight attendant Ben Sansum has been obsessed with the 1940s since he was 12. He has bought enough original furniture, clothing and other everyday commodities from the era to equip his home in 100% forties style.

Bottle Designer Pierre Dinand
Pierre Dinand is one of the world’s most famous perfume bottle designers. He has created flacons for Tiffany, Coriandre, Lancome Magie Noire, and Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche and many others.

Atelier Brückner - Designing Exhibition Spaces
Whether it‘s museums, trade fairs or EXPO pavillions, Stuttgart design studio Atelier Brückner is responsible for exhibitions all over the world.

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