euromaxx highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 27.06.2010
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euromaxx highlights

euromaxx highlights


In today’s highlights edition:

Floating homes in Hamburg, summer cocktails, Danish designer Henrik Vibskov, our reporter goes to Barista School and we visit Kiel Week Sailing Regatta.

Floating Homes in Hamburg
Floating homes on the Elbe canal in Hamburg feature unusual architecture thanks to Hamburg's unqiue laws. Everything that floats must comply with maritime law and not normal building regulations. Architects can let their imaginations run riot.

Top Cocktails
As German summer hots up we look at some cocktail recipes in the German-language book Zielwasser. The book features dramatic photographs of cocktails being shot!

Danish designer Henrik Vibskov
A profile of Danish fashion designer Henrik Vibskov as he shows his creations at the men's spring-summer 2011 show in Paris.

Perfect Coffee - Barista School
Our reporter Hendrik Welling goes to Italy to learn how to make a perfect espresso.

Kiel Week Sailing Regatta
We visit the largest sailing regatta in the world taking place in the city of Kiel in northern Germany.

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