Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 28.02.2016
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

Why British costume designer Sandy Powell could win two Oscars this year, why Norwegian designer Belinda Bjerke loves her prefab home and why New Nordic Cuisine is getting more and more popular.

Dress for success

British designer Sandy Powell nominated twice for ‘Best Costume Design’ at the Oscars.

Sandy Powell has won three Oscars already, and this year she’s been nominated twice - for her Fifties style outfits in ‘Carol’ as well as for the fairy tale movie ‘Cinderella’. We met up with her in London.

Tags: Oscar, Sandy Powell, Costume Design, Carol, Cinderella

Fashion photographer Piero Biasion

Italian photographer Piero Biasion knows the fashion industry like no other.

Italian photographer Piero Biasion has been a regular at runway shows for over four decades and knows the fashion industry like no other. We met up with him during Milan Fashion Week.

Prefab house in Norway

A Norwegian designer and her family live in a modern, prefab concrete structure.

This Norwegian designer’s house was completed in just a few days. The building materials came mainly from Norway, which meant that the delivery distances were short. The design is characterized by the use of local wood.

Tags: Prefab, Kristiansand

Gourmet trend: New Nordic Cuisine

The trendy Nordic cuisine uses products that are regional and in season.

Berries, root vegetables, legumes, cabbage, potatoes, mushrooms and fish – all these are part of the New Nordic Cuisine. A gourmet trend from Denmark that is delicious and healthy at the same time.

Tags: New Nordic Cuisine, Copenhagen, Noma, Claus Meyer Nielsen, Nordic Cuisine

The world of letters

Typography is everywhere and it inspires creative people from the arts, fashion and design.

A Berlin concept store called TYPE HYPE is dedicated to typography in fashion, art and design. Letters are gracing bags, cups, books and more. So we went there to find out about the attraction of letters.

Tags: Type Hype, Typography, Letters

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