Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 27.06.2015
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

On this edition of Euromaxx Highlights: The Spanish Riding School in Vienna, men's fashion in the spotlight at the Milan Moda Uomo, the Lost Spaces' photo trend, White Nights in Saint Petersburg and Street Art in Berlin.

450 Years on Horseback
The renowned Spanish Riding School in Vienna has a history dating back to the Habsburg Monarchy in 1572 and is now celebrating it's 450th anniversary. It's also home to the famous, white Lipizzan horses, which are trained to perform classic dressage.

Fashion Revolution

The times when they were treated as the women's lines' unloved step-brothers are long over. Men's wear collections are becoming increasingly important for fashion labels. We take a look at the catwalks in Milan.

Frozen in Time

Urban ruins are proving to be great photographic studies. In recent years, the trend of photographing 'Lost Spaces' has taken off. This includes capturing the feeling of abandoned spaces, including disused hospitals or old office buildings.

White Nights in Saint Petersburg

We went to experience the special atmosphere during the famous White Nights in Saint Petersburg which take place there during the midsummer season every mid-June to early July.

Urban Nation: Street Art in Berlin

Ten well-known street artists have transformed a neighborhood avenue in the popular Berlin district of Schöneberg. Urban Nation is a platform for street artists from around the world to display their talent and to help give certain parts of the German capital a colorful facelift.

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