Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 13.06.2015
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

In this edition: breathtaking underwater videos, animal magic from Finland, a Danish restaurant with a difference, Europe's waterslides and the Swiss canton of Thurgau.

The Ocean Brothers' Breathtaking Videos

Two Spanish freedivers impress with their internet videos. The brothers play with camera perspectives and create the impression of floating in space, walking on water, and flying like superman through the air-- without using any special effects!

Dog Magician Jose Ahonen

A magician from Finland tried his tricks on spectators that usually don't succumb to illusions. At least, so one would think! The dogs he played his magic on did not use their sense of smell to figure out his tricks: astoundingly, they were really duped! Just like their human counterparts! His videos called Magic for Dogs have gone viral on Youtube.

Restaurant 'Rub & Stub'

We profile a Danish restaurant serving meals solely using products which would otherwise have gone to waste. 'Rub & Stub' was opened in Copenhagen in 2013 by a group of environmentally-conscious friends who give their profits to charity. We met with the chef, Søren Grimstrup, to see what kinds of dishes he can create with the food donated to them.

Rating Europe's Waterslides

German brothers Julian und Luka Tschech are experts on Europe's waterslides. We join them for a few hair-raising rides, including one at the Caneva World Water Park in Italy - Europe's tallest body slide.

The Swiss Canton of Thurgau

We travel to the northeastern Canton of Thurgau in Switzerland. This is a popular destination for tourists because of Lake Constance and the many castles and cloisters in the region. The great variety of local wine is also a real draw for connoisseurs.

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