Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 04.04.2015
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

In this edition: spring fashions, Finland's ESC candidates, street art pioneers, the Italian city of Milan and a red hot exhibition.

Looking for the Ultimate Spring Outfit
As the warmer weather comes around what should women be wearing? It is a hard task searching for a fashionable wardrobe. Euromaxx host Meike Krüger set out to find the perfect spring outfit using three different methods of shopping: going to the store yourself, ordering via an on-line counseling service, and getting a personal shopper. The Red Hot Exhibition
It is often thought that men with red hair are far from being sexy which is why London-based photographer Thomas Knights set out to prove otherwise. His international photo exhibition project and his book "RED HOT 100" are definitely helping him achieve his goal to rebrand the stereotypical ginger man. We visit him at his exhibition in Berlin.

Pioneers of Street Art
An exhibition in Frankfurt shows how in the 1950's artists in Paris and Rome tore strips off advertising posters and used the fragnments to create their own works of art. The so-called affichistes are sometimes called the pioneers of street art.

Expo 2015 in Milan, Italy
Welcome to the new Milan. The gray, industrial metropolis is turning into a greener, environment-conscious city. Fittingly: the Expo's motto this year is "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life“. German landscape architect Andreas Kipar shows us just how his adopted home is going green.

Finland's Eurovision Entry
Finland's entry for 2015 is punk band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät whose members all have learning disabilities. The band is the latest in a fine tradition of off-beat entrants from the Nordic country.

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