Euromaxx Highlights | euromaxx highlights | DW | 02.11.2013
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euromaxx highlights

Euromaxx Highlights

In this edition: The ideal man, the transient art of Alex Chinneck, Anne-Sophie Mutter's new album, discovering Iceland by amphibious carrier, why we wear what we wear, and saffron from Spain.

Saffron From Spain

We travel to Castile-La Mancha which supplies some of the world's best saffron, and which is used as a spice, a dye, a fragrance, and for medicinal purposes.

Fashion Secrets

Barbara Vinken is a professor of literature at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. Dubbed Germany's most glamorous professor by the media, she's been studying fashion trends past and present for nearly two decades. She has written extensively on the subject - her latest book "Angezogen", or "Dressed", examines the fundamentals of fashion.

Anne-Sophie Mutter's New Album

This album features the German violinist performing Czech composer Antonin Dvorak's Violin Concertowith the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. We meet up with Mutter at a rehearsal with the orchestra in Berlin.

Discovering Iceland the Amphibious Way

In the 1950's the US military developed the LARC-5, an aluminum-hulled amphibious vehicle capable of transporting 5 tons. Some of them are now privately owned and we went to see one being used in Iceland to take tourists around Vatnajökull which is the largest glacier in Europe. The trip also makes you realize the effects of global warming.

Alex Chinneck's Sliding House

British artist Alex Chinneck has created a clever illusion with the facade of a house in the small English seaside town of Margate. The work of art has a limited lease on life, and has become a much publicized tourist attraction.

The Ideal Man

With International Mens Day approaching on November 19, we explore what it is to be a man in today's modern world.