EU top jobs: Haggling instead of inspiration? | Quadriga - International Debate from Berlin | DW | 11.07.2019
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EU top jobs: Haggling instead of inspiration?

The EU's citizens voted. But it was the heads of member states that nominated the leadership positions. Are they the best choice for the challenges facing Europe? Guests: Tom Nuttall (Economist), Milan Nic (DGAP), Emmanuelle Chaze (DW)

Watch video 26:05



Emmanuelle Chaze a French colleague from DW. She says: “The scramble for the EU's top jobs further highlights the discrepancies between the member states and damages the Union.”


Milan Nic works as an analyst for the German Council on Foreign Relations. He says: “The Visegrad Group has maneuvered itself into the corner. Lack of representation from Eastern Europe in top EU jobs is a significant problem for the EU’s cohesion; it will come back to haunt the region in the near future.”




Tom Nuttall is the correspondent for the British magazine, The Economist in Berlin. He thinks: "It was an old-fashioned Franco-German backroom stitch-up, with all the top jobs going to 'old Europe' - but it also highlighted a subtle shift in power away from Angela Merkel and towards Emmanuel Macron".