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Embargo - Iran and the US Sanctions

November 10, 2020

For more than 40 years international embargoes have shaped life in Iran. The 2015 nuclear deal gave rise to hope about opening up the country’s economy. But this was short-lived.

Fahnen von USA und Iran
Image: Ohde/ Bildagentur-online/picture-alliance

The Trump administration quickly launched a wave of fresh sanctions.

Today, relationships between Tehran and Washington continue to deteriorate and the Iranian economy is suffering under the weight of US sanctions. Iran is threatening the stability of the Middle East. But with record inflation, falling standards of living and limited medical supplies, are the Iranian people the ones paying the highest price for the embargo?

Iran KW24 Armut
Image: Tasnim

The extent of the sanctions has varied according to the political and military tensions between the US and Iran. The signing of the nuclear deal in 2015 and the international community’s promise to relax sanctions gave hope to the Iranian people. The country would finally be open to foreign investment.

But two years later, those hopes were dashed. The US introduced even stricter sanctions, with an incalculable geopolitical fallout. Europe, China and Russia say they want to preserve the nuclear deal, but foreign companies are turning their backs on Iran for fear of American reprisals.

This documentary looks behind the scenes of this shadow war. It questions the political effectiveness of these sanctions and reveals the impact they are having on diplomacy, trade and everyday life.

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