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Egypt: A Highway through the City of the Dead

May 20, 2022

Cairo's necropolis is not just a testament to Egypt's rich history, it's also the home of hundreds of poor families. Now large parts of the City of the Dead are to be sacrificed for a new highway.

Magazin Global 3000 | Kairo Totenstadt
Image: ARD


Also on Global 3000:


Magazin Global 3000 | Wasserkrise
Image: DW

Who profits from the global water crisis?

Around the world, the less money people have, the more they pay for water. At the same time, companies and individuals are getting richer the drier it gets. Can we find a just and sustainable way of dealing with the precious resource water?


Magazin Global 3000 | Wasserkrise
Image: DW

Indonesia: Java's water pastor

Clean drinking water is vital – but for many people, accessing it is difficult and expensive. A pastor in an Indonesian village encourages people to make use of a dependable water supply that comes free of charge: rainwater.


Magazin Global 3000 | Leihmütter
Image: ZDF

The plight of Ukraine's surrogate mothers

Tatyana is a surrogate mother, carrying a baby for intended parents in Ireland. She fled her homeland Ukraine to escape not just the war, but also the booming industry profiting at the expense of women like her.



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