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Education as a "Revolution for the Human Being"

June 28, 2012

"When we talk about education, we are talking about technical innovations but never about how people would live together." This, however, is the point of education, said Denis Goldberg in Bonn.

Foto vom südafrikanischen Bürgerrechtler Denis Goldberg ins Archiv einpflegen. Es stammt von Theo Bruns, Assoziation A, der das Bild zur Veröffentlichung frei gibt.
Image: Theo Bruns, Assoziation A

Goldberg spent 20 years in prison for his fight against apartheid in South Africa. At the Deutsche Welle Global Media Forum, which ended on June 27, the South African human rights activist said he has been a "revolutionary for the human being" all his life. He stressed that the term "education" should not be understood as merely formal instruction. He noted that everyone agrees that education is important, but he stressed that the crucial thing is the "sense" or content of education.

Goldberg argued that this is where the media have a role to play. They have to change their educational content. It will not do just to place such topics in between "adverts for coffee." More important than just passing on facts is analyzing information, which is a fundamental need in order to "transmit the values of democracy." It is wonderful to have a vision - the anti-Apartheid activist said, drawing on his own experience - but "we have to act" in order to ensure a peaceful life together.