East Frisia, a rural region with coastal charms | DW Travel | DW | 31.07.2012
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East Frisia, a rural region with coastal charms

East Frisia has vast landscapes, windmills and traditional towns. For travelers looking to ditch the throngs of tourists during the off-season, a trip to one of East Frisia's islands is a great opportunity.

A walk along the beach in Borkum is 'de rigeur'

A walk along the beach in Borkum is 'de rigeur'

The center of town in Norden features numerous brick buildings in the typical northern German style. The market square is the site of East Frisia's largest medieval church, the Ludgeri Kirche. Just across the way is the East Frisian Tea Museum, a place where visitors can learn all about growing tea, as well as the different varieties and accessories.

Seven islands lie along the coast of East Frisia, the largest of which is Borkum. It's a quiet place during the winter months, but the beach and seaside location make it a prime destination for holiday-makers. Visitors can enjoy a stroll along the beach promenade or a trip to the island's local history museum.

During the 14th century, East Frisia was ruled by chieftains who provided shelter to pirates. Tourists can still visit some of their old castles, such as the Beningaburg in Dornum. The castle there was once a chieftain's residence before it was converted into a Baroque castle during the 17th century.

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