The island of Ruegen is a hiker′s paradise | DW Travel | DW | 31.07.2012
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The island of Ruegen is a hiker's paradise

Strings of beaches, breathtaking cliffs and elegant seaside resorts - the island of Ruegen on Germany's north-eastern Baltic coast beguiles visitors with its architectural and natural beauty.

The chalk cliffs are among the most imposing features of Ruegen's island landscape, towering up to 120 meters (390 feet) over the Baltic Sea. The most famous cliff, known as the "Koenigsstuhl" or "King's Chair" is one of Ruegen's landmarks.

Ruegen is famous for its beautiful white cliffs, pictured here.

Ruegen is famous for its beautiful white cliffs

The island is also a paradise for hikers. Its three nature preserves offer a variety of scenery, from beech forests to wild meadows to heaths, moors, and salt marshes. The landscape is especially lovely in the spring, when nature awakens from its winter sleep.

Cyclists can enjoy nearly 200 kilometers of bicycle paths, which often pass through terrain closed to automobile traffic. The island is also famous for the "Rasende Roland," Germany's oldest narrow-gauge railway, which traverses the coastline between the seaside towns of Binz, Sellin and Goehren.

The towns feature the gleaming white buildings of Ruegen's famous resort architecture. In the early pre-season, visitors can enjoy a stroll along the beach promenade to the pier, without the crowds of tourists that will throng to the island in only a few months to come.

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