DW Documentary: ″Close up″ on Whistleblowers - Alone against the System | DocFilm | DW | 11.01.2016

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DW Documentary: "Close up" on Whistleblowers - Alone against the System

They risk everything for the truth. But what price do they pay for their revelations? There is a fate behind every scandal. After bringing dark secrets to light, the informants’ lives can never been the same again.

Watch video 28:36

Watch the Documentary: Whistleblowers – Alone against the system

Consternation, anger, a sense of powerlessness. A decision is made, and there's no turning back. Your conscience begins to consider the possible consequences. It's the start of a struggle against a system -- and former allies will now become enemies. For prosecutors, these people are potential criminals; but for others, they are courageous heroes: whistleblowers.

The materials that they release, as in the "Swiss Leaks" case, can help the authorities recover billions in previously-hidden tax revenue. Or they can expose corruption, the abuse of data, or war crimes. Whistleblowers shine a light on the darker corners of society. And there's a personal story behind every exposé.

Swiss auditor Rudolf Elmer was arrested after releasing company documents to support his allegations that the bank he worked for had engaged in tax evasion. Stéphanie Gibaud, who worked for UBS in Paris, was harassed and eventually fired after she made similar allegations about her company. Germany's Swen Ennullat also paid a heavy price: he was fired from two different jobs, one after another, for blowing the whistle on his superiors.

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