DW Debate from the World Economic Forum in Davos | Business News - The Latest financial, market & economic news | DW | 20.01.2020
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DW Debate from the World Economic Forum in Davos

On the fringes of WEF, DW's roundtable discussion focussed on rising climate pledges and growing uncertainty around greenwashing.

The past five years saw encouraging progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in areas like child mortality, infectious diseases and some gender-related targets, but many other goals are falling behind From fighting biodiversity loss to eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, how are leaders making good on their commitments to create a cohesive and sustainable world?

Context: Pro-climate pledges are on the rise, but also growing uncertainty around greenwashing

Objective: To highlight case studies from the ‘Walking the Talk’ publication



  • Mohamad Al Jounde, Member of the Board, Gharsah Sweden, Sweden/Syria
  • Wanjuhi Njoroge, Global Shaper, Nairobi Hub, Kenya
  • Achim Steiner, Administrator, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), New York
  • Paul Stoffels, Vice-Chairman of the Executive Committee; Chief Scientific Officer, Johnson & Johnson, USA


Sarah Kelly,
Anchor-at-Large, Deutsche Welle, USA

Closing Remarks by:
Terri Toyota
, Deputy Head of the Centre for Global Public Goods; Member of the Executive Committee, World Economic Forum