Dutch train derails in milk truck collision | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 18.11.2016
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Dutch train derails in milk truck collision

A passenger train in the Dutch province of Groningen has derailed after it collided with a milk truck. Police in Groningen say rail service has been temporarily suspended.

A passenger train collided with a milk truck around midday Friday near the town of Winsum, injuring 18 people.

The collision occurred around 200 kilometers (125 miles) northeast of Amsterdam at an uncontrolled level crossing. 

"There was a loud bang when the train suddenly turned on its side and pieces of glass and people flew through the train," passenger Niels de Jong told public broadcaster NOS.

Eleven passengers were taken to hospital with others treated in an adjacent field. About 30 passengers were aboard the train.

Both the train driver and the truck driver were unharmed.

The truck driver is being questioned by police. 

Two fatal accidents happened in 2014 at the same crossing, which authorities have pledged to upgrade in coming years.

jar/msh (AFP, AP)