Dutch police arrest French citizen suspected of planning terror attacks | News | DW | 27.03.2016
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Dutch police arrest French citizen suspected of planning terror attacks

Anti-terrorism police in the Netherlands have arrested a 32-year-old French citizen accused of planning attacks in France. Three other suspects have been detained as Europe ramps up security after attacks in Brussels.

"French authorities on Friday requested the arrest of the French citizen, who had been identified in a terrorism investigation," Dutch prosecutors said in a statement. The man was arrested for his "involvement in preparing a terrorist attack," they added.

Officials did not name him, but said he would be extradited to France as soon as possible. Two other suspects, 43 and 47 years old, and "having an Algerian background" were also detained. Police said they had not identified another suspect caught in the operation.

The arrests were carried out by a special squad, including Dutch intelligence agency AIVD and prosecutors. Police searched two neighborhoods associated with the suspect in western Rotterdam. People living nearby were evacuated for precaution, state lawyers said.

The suspect's arrest comes shortly after French investigators nabbed Reda Kriket, a 34-year-old French citizen who was allegedly planning a slew of new attacks in the French capital.

France - like several countries in Western Europe - has been on high alert following deadly terror strikes in recent times. Before suicide bombers killed over 30 people in Brussels on Tuesday, terrorists struck Paris on November 13 last year, killing 130 in a series of bombings.

mg/ls (Reuters, dpa, AFP)

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