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Twin blasts kill more than 30 in Nigeria

December 11, 2014

More than 30 people have been killed in two blasts which rocked the city of Jos in central Nigeria. Authorities believe that the attacks may be the work of the Islamist terror organization, Boko Haram.

Image: DW

Two bombs exploded in the bus station in Nigeria's central city of Jos on Thursday, killing more than 30 people and wounding several others. Nigerian authorities said the scene of the attack was a densely populated area.

"The bodies recovered so far are 31 but rescue workers are at the scene and figures may change," Pam Ayuba, spokesman for the state governor of Plateau told AFP.

No organization claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Meanwhile in the northern Nigerian city of Kano, the police said they had safely detonated a bomb that had been hidden in a handbag. The bag had been placed in a supermarket frequented by foreigners.

Earlier on Thursday, police arrested a teenage girl carrying explosives under her hijab, also in Kano. She had gone to a clinic with an accomplice seeking treatment.

Nigeria has recently witnessed a surge in attacks, mostly carried out by the Sunni Islamist terror outfit, Boko Haram. Last month, 120 people were killed when two suicide bombers blew themselves up at Kano's central mosque.

The organization has taken over several towns and villages along Nigeria's border with Cameroon, declaring the region as an Islamic Caliphate.

mg/lw (AP, Reuters, AFP)

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