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Extreme weather in the US

December 28, 2015

Several people have died after tornadoes struck different parts of southern United States. Other parts of the country witnessed snow, floods or surprisingly warm weather.

Image: Reuters/National Weather Service Memphis

Over the Christmas holidays storms over the South, Southwest and West of the United States have led to tornados and floods that killed over 40 people.

The governors of Missouri and New Mexico declared a state of emergency.

Meteorologist Matt Bishop told dpa news agency that tornado outbreak at this time of the year in North Texas occurred "from time to time," but that it was certainly not something that happened regularly.

Meanwhile, 60 centimeters of snow were reported in New Mexico, disrupting travel for many people returning home fro Christmas. Police in Albuquerque, New Mexico, said snow had caused 178 weather-related accidents. The National Weather Service said snow drifts of over 2.1 meters had been reported.

Flooding across Alabama occurred due to heavy downpours across southeastern US on Wednesday, bringing record rainfall in some areas. In California, wildfires continued to spread after they broke out two days earlier and were encouraged by high wind speeds.

Around Washington State, snowfall provided for optimal skiing conditions for winter sports fans. Cities like New York witnessed people playing beach volleyball and enjoying daily temperatures of 18.5 degrees. In Washington D.C., temperatures touched 23 degrees, breaking a record of more than 50 years.

Orlando, Florida witnessed a high of 30 degrees, last experienced in 1921.

mg/rg (AP, dpa, Reuters)