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Techno Diplomacy

DW staff (als)
April 6, 2008

US musician Moby said the famed German "Love Parade" has made Germans sexy in the eyes of Americans. Surprise, surprise: Grooving, bare-breasted women at the festival are appealing, he said.

Three Love Parade ravers
Are these three doing more for Germany's image than anyone else?Image: AP

"We saw photos of bare-breasted women bouncing around to techno music," American electronic music star Moby said in an interview with the Leben magazine supplement of Die Zeit weekly.

He was talking about Americans seeing images of Germany's wild Love Parade, known the world over. Moby said the techno bash has helped Germany polish its image.

"It was a bit disorienting," Moby said. "We had to reconcile the image of the dancing women with the image of screaming men in SS uniforms."

Moby in his New York apartment
Moby said drugs are great, but mess up his brainImage: AP

Moby missed out on the eye candy at the event last year in Essen, though, saying he had missed his flight from New York, the DPA news service reported.

Ecstasy was the "perfect" drug

The 42-year-old also gave a little insight into his early penchant for drugs. At 10, he took "anything he got his hands on," including pills, hash and alcohol. At 13, he stopped, he told the German newspaper.

Moby said he would still take pills, which he called the perfect drug, if it weren't for the fact that they ruin his brain.

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