Director Peter Senger re-elected as chairman of DRM | DW Digital Radio DRM | DW | 04.04.2006
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DW Digital Radio DRM

Director Peter Senger re-elected as chairman of DRM

The Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) consortium re-elected its chairman, Peter Senger of Deutsche Welle at its general assembly meetings in Istanbul.


Peter Senger, Direktor DRM of Deutsche Welle

During board elections, the Digital Radio Mondiale consortium re-elected its Chairman, Peter Senger of Deutsche Welle, to a fifth, consecutive, two-year term. Senger has served as DRM Chairman since the consortium’s inception in 1998.

DRM’s long-time Vice Chairman and Treasurer, Jan Hoek of Radio Netherlands, stepped down from his DRM role. After being appointed Director General of Radio Netherlands last year, Hoek had indicated he would leave the post as of this election. Radio Netherlands, however, remains on the DRM Steering Board.

DRM elected two new Vice Chairmen -- John Sykes of the BBC World Service and Alain Delorme of TDF. Albert Heuberger of Fraunhofer IIS was elected to fill the Treasurer role.

The voting took place in Istanbul where DRM had held its annual General Assembly and board meetings, this time hosted by Turkish Radio & Television (TRT) under the auspices of the Asia Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU). DRM’s elections take place every two years.

The consortium also added three members to its newly created Executive Committee: Dietmar Schill of Sony International Europe; Pierre Vasseur of Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia (formerly called Thales); and Jochen Huber of TRANSRADIO SenderSysteme Berlin AG. The Executive Board will be chaired by Albert Heuberger of Fraunhofer IIS. The Executive Board consists of the aforementioned four members, as well as the DRM Chairman, the DRM Vice Chairmen, the Technical Committee Chairman (Donald Messer of Radio Netherlands) and the Commercial Committee Chairman (Michel Penneroux of TDF).

Lindsay Cornell of BBC New Media & Technology was selected as Technical Committee Vice Chairman, and Gary Edgerton of WRN was chosen as Commercial Committee Vice Chairman.

DRM elected four new companies to its 18-member Steering Board: Radio France, RadioScape Ltd., TRANSRADIO SenderSysteme Berlin AG and WRN. They join re-elected Steering Board members the BBC, Coding Technologies GmbH, Continental Electronics Corporation, Deutsche Welle, Fraunhofer IIS, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Ltd., Radio Netherlands, Robert Bosch GmbH, RTL Group, Sony International Europe, TDF, Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia (formerly Thales), T-Systems Business Services GmbH and VT Communications.

The DRM consortium, founded in 1998, includes broadcasters, broadcasting associations, network operators, manufacturers, NGOs and others. The DRM consortium has nearly 100 members from more than 30 nations. DRM is online at

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