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DG 7 Gruppenbild
Image: DW/R. Oberhammer

DG7 launch project against disinformation

Christoph Jumpelt
December 5, 2019

At its annual meeting, this year held in Berlin, from December 1 to 3, the DG7 group decided to join forces to further develop technologies for validation and verification of journalistic content in the digital domain.


Advances in technology to manipulate information and to spread disinformation have created a very real threat for media outlets and users alike. Fact-checking digital content on the internet and social media has become a top priority together with promoting media literacy. The DG7 members are entering into a long-term commitment for developing an effective response to the threat of AI-generated false information.

The members of DG7 are committed to collaborating on tools for validation and verification of digital content ranging from written articles to video. These are “Project Origin,” which was initiated by CBC/Radio-Canada, the New York Times and the BBC as well as DW’s “TrulyMedia.” The cooperation to further develop these tools will lead to content on third-party platforms being published with a proof of provenance, enabling users to distinguish objective news from disinformation. In this context, the DG7 are calling on social media companies to combat disinformation and protect digital platforms as a space for free expression.

The DG7 also discussed effective measures to counter the increasing pressure on the freedom of the press around the world, which ranges from censorship to the intimidation and the threatening of journalists. 

The DG7 members stressed the profound importance of objectively distinguishing between public service media organizations, which are operating with editorial independence and state-controlled media entities.

With over a billion total weekly users, the DG7 broadcasters have a significant journalistic impact worldwide. Audiences and users, particularly in the world’s most repressive countries, rely on consistently trustworthy, fact-based reporting to circumvent censorship, disinformation, hate speech, and propaganda.

The DG7 calls on governments around the world to respect press freedom, to ensure the safety of journalists and their families, and to reject any legislative action which could lead to a system of law that criminalizes independent media.

The DG7 comprises publicly funded international public service media organizations from seven democratic nations: ABC Australia, CBC/Radio-Canada, France Médias Monde, DW, NHK World Japan, BBC World Service and U.S. Agency for Global Media, represented by their respective directors general or chief executive officers and heads.

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