Deutsche Welle: Shababtalk awarded ‘Best Arabic talk show’ for the third time | Press Releases | DW | 05.05.2017
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Press Releases

Deutsche Welle: Shababtalk awarded ‘Best Arabic talk show’ for the third time

Shababtalk, DW's popular and equally controversial TV format, has been honored by the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU) with its third award for "Best Arabic talk show." DW also won gold for a reportage from Baghdad.

The ASBU recognized the Shababtalk episode from Tunis "Six years after the revolution – what role do young people play today?." The joint production of DW and leading Tunisian broadcaster Nessma TV featured Majdouline Cherni, the country's sports and youth minister, who answered to the young audience's questions. 

Aufzeichnung der arabischen Jugendtalksendung Shababtalk in Tunis (DW)

Shababtalk production in Tunis

DW presenter and reporter Jaafar Abdul Karim said it was "a very intense discussion. The program was a catalyst for the minister to later meet with other young people." 

Tunesien | Studentenproteste in Tunis (Reuters/Z. Souissi)

Student protests in Tunisia

ASBU representative Mounir Dhouib remarked that this was the first time in the history of the ASBU that a talk show won awards three years in a row. "This is a testament to the quality of this product," Dhouib said about the repeated success of the DW format. 

The insightful reportage about Jannat, a disabled Iraqi girl, won gold in the category of "Best reportage." The feature was produced in Baghdad on the sidelines of Shababtalk's "Arab World Tour," with the support of DW partner Al Rasheed TV. The broadcasting of the reportage drew a great deal of attention to the girl's story both locally and internationally. "Many people have since offered to help her. Sadly, Jannat passed away at the beginning of the year," Jaafar Abdul Karim explained.
Since 2015, Shababtalk is regularly produced with the assistance of partners on location within its transmission area. The "Arab World Tour" has seen DW's Shababtalk team travel to Baghdad, Rabat, Dubai and Cairo. DW plans to broadcast six further productions from the target area this year.  

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