Deutsche Börse Offers Eurex to London | Business| Economy and finance news from a German perspective | DW | 06.01.2005
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Deutsche Börse Offers Eurex to London

German stock market operator Deutsche Boerse is offering to manage its derivatives business Eurex from London as a sweetener to convince the London Stock Exchange of the advantages of a merger, the Financial Times reported on Thursday. As the battle for the LSE heats up -- Paris-based rival Euronext has also voiced interest -- Deutsche Börse is busy piling on the charm in its attempt to woo the London market. It has not only reportedly offered to manage the combined cash equities markets out of London but has also offered LSE chief Clara Furse that job. The head of the German company, Werner Seifert, was scheduled to meet with Furse on Thursday. Euronext chief Jean-Francois Theodore was scheduled to meet Furse on Friday. The Financial Times said the fact that both cash equities and derivatives would be run out of London, leaving only clearing, settlement, information technology and central functions in Frankfurt, would risk upsetting elements of corporate Germany and politicians were concerned that Seifert was making too many concessions.

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