Destination Europe wins AIB award | Press Releases | DW | 14.11.2012
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Press Releases

Destination Europe wins AIB award

At this year's International Media Excellence Awards organized by the Association for International Broadcasting, DW’s multimedia project Destination Europe is the winner in the "Best Transmedia Production" category.

The jury praised Destination Europe for its "first-rate multilingual, multi-platform approach, with extensive use of social media to provide real, relevant information to those seeking a better life in Europe."

"The project is based on the assumption that especially young people in north, west and central Africa need information and opportunities for dialogue - long before they set out on their journey to Europe," says Jan-Philipp Scholz, the project's coordinator.

"This multimedia special bears all the hallmarks of a typical Deutsche Welle project. We present a realistic image of Europe and our content is based on what matters to our target groups around the world," commented Ute Schaeffer, DW editor-in-chief. "Our users are just as convinced by our work as the jury. The project has provided us with a new way of presenting a very important subject as well as actively involving our users. The success of the project was based on a lot of hard work from our multimedia team, from journalists and technicians alike."

The Association for International Broadcasting (AIB) is an international association and global network for the international broadcasting industry. It is a UK-based non-profit organization. At the ceremony in London, the award was accepted by Felix Steiner, deputy editor-in-chief, and Klaus Dahmann from the Destination Europe team.

In-depth content

Launched in late 2011, Destination Europe is a 15-part series that examines the lives of African migrants seeking a better life in European countries. It follows them from the moment they decide to leave home and documents their experiences and the challenges they face. It incorporates various media formats, including radio drama, video and social media resources.

Aiming to present a realistic picture of life in Europe, the series covers topics such as job opportunities, educational opportunities, human trafficking and asylum procedures. It is available in English, French, German and Arabic.

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