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David Vorholt

David Vorholt

Freelance editor and reporter with expertise in football, tennis and societal topics in the world of sport.

After studying and doing his traineeship in Cologne, David Vorholt joined DW's sports department in 2017, where he has since been reporting on the Bundesliga and other sporting events like the Australian Open.

After high school and an apprenticeship, David Vorholt began his studies at the Technical University of Cologne in 2009. During his time at university, he did an internship in the online editorial department of the ARD program Sportschau and eventually worked there as a freelance multimedia producer.

In 2012, he joined the youth sports magazine BRAVO Sport and completed a traineeship there from 2013 to 2015. He also worked during that time for the Sportschau social media department and, in 2015, coordinated coverage for the German Touring Car Masters. In 2017, he took over social media coordination for the annual ARD coverage of the Tour de France at the Saarländischen Rundfunk and shortly thereafter joined the sports department at Deutsche Welle.

Since then, David has worked for both DW and ARD a writer and reporter for online, video and data and a moderator for live social media formats. For ARD, he has been involved in the social media coverage for other major projects such as the Olympic Games (Pyeongchang 2018 and Tokyo 2020), European Championships (2018), Women's World Cup (2019) and U21 Euros (2019), as well as the Tour de France. A highlght of his reporting career was his coverage of the Australian Open in 2020 for DW and ARD.

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