Danish police shut down bridge to Sweden, halt ferries to Germany in ′major operation′ | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 28.09.2018
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Danish police shut down bridge to Sweden, halt ferries to Germany in 'major operation'

Police in Denmark temporarily halted travel over a key bridge linking the country to Sweden as part of a "major operation." Ferry services, including to Germany, have also been suspended.

Denmark's eastern island of Zealand was cut off to road and ferry traffic on Friday afternoon because of a "major police operation."

Two bridges were closed: the Oresund Bridge, which links Denmark and Sweden, and the Great Belt Bridge, which spans the Danish islands of Zeeland where Copenhagen is located, and Funen.

Sweden's Aftonbladet newspaper, citing an unnamed police source, said a Swedish-registered car was being sought in connection with a kidnapping. Danish police issued an order for the car to be stopped at all costs, according to the paper.

The newspaper said in a tweet that police were looking for a Swedish-registered Volvo in connection with the kidnapping. 

Copenhagan Police said in a tweet that the Oresund Bridge is being reopened to traffic. Copenhagen Central Station, which had been closed during the operation, is also reopening. No further information was immediately available. 

The Danish armed forces also took part in the operation, reported Reuters news agency citing a spokesman.

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