Coronavirus hotspots: Are Europe′s cities out of control? | To the Point | DW | 15.10.2020
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To the Point

Coronavirus hotspots: Are Europe's cities out of control?

New infections are surging across Europe, especially in big cities. Is a second lockdown inevitable? Guests: Mira Fricke (DW), Martin Mair (Deutschlandfunk Kultur), Richard Friebe (Der Tagesspiegel)

Watch video 26:05

Martin Mair works as a science editor for the German Radio broadcaster „Deutschlandfunk“. He believes: “Despite scientific progress: The pandemic will prevail. Therefore we will have to get along with further restrictions." 




Richard Friebe works as a science editor for the Berlin daily „Der Tagesspiegel“. He says: „We are only at the beginning of the cold and indoor season, and there is real danger of things getting out of hand in some places.“ 



Mira Fricke is a science reporter here at DW. She is convinced: „Egoism won’t bring us through the pandemic.“