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Cornelia Funke

Dubbed "Germany's J.K. Rowling," Cornelia Funke is a successful author of children's fantasy books, best known for the "Inkheart" trilogy (2004-2008).

Born in 1958 in Westphalia, Funke started working as a social worker with underprivileged children and was inspired by them to write stories. Her best-selling "Inkheart" trilogy is a series of three fantasy novels, "Inkheart" (2003), "Inkspell" (2005), and "Inkdeath" (2008) about the power of books and reading. Funke's latest publication is "The Griffin's Feather" (2016), a sequel to "Dragon Rider," from 1997. The author now lives in California; she has sold sold over 20 million copies of her books worldwide.