Contest: Paradise Found! | DW Travel | DW | 01.04.2016
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Contest: Paradise Found!

We’ve received some fantastic videos of vacation paradises the world over. Our thanks go out to everyone who sent them in. This is the winner:

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Providencia y Santa Catalina Islands

With his video, Miguel Penilla from Colombia won the travel backpack stuffed full of goodies. Congratulations!

We’ll personally inform everyone else whose videos we’ll be showing on our travel show "Check In".

Islands of the Caribbean

Miguel Penilla’s video is a voyage to Colombia’s only island department, San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. The archipelago includes the islands of the same name, the Providencia y Santa Catalina Islas - Miguel Penilla’s own vision of paradise.

To an easy-going musical beat, the video leads the viewer through verdant landscapes and their inhabitants. Santa Catalina is the more isolated of the two volcanic islands and one of the last remaining pristine enclaves of nature. Visitors won’t find luxury hotels or mass tourism here, but simple lifestyles, hospitable local people and an intact submarine world around the coral reefs. 905 of the 995 hectares of Providencia’s national park lie under the sea.

A ferry connects Providencia with its sister island Santa Catalina to the southwest. The archipelago is about a two-hour flight from mainland Colombia.

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