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Congo Republic government resigns en masse

Alistair Walsh with Reuters
August 17, 2017

The central African nation has been struggling economically since a 2014 drop in oil prices.

Clement Mouamba
Image: Getty Images/AFP

Republic of Congo Prime Minister Clement Mouamba resigned on Thursday just days after the country's president announced he would try and form a new government.

Mouamba announced his resignation along with the rest of his cabinet after President Denis Sassou Nguesso called for new leadership.

The Republic of Congo has been struggling with economic woes since a 2014 drop in oil prices. The drop reduced export revenues and increased public debt.

Congolese journalists posted images of a presidential letter confirming Mouamba's resignation

A new Prime Minister was expected to be announced soon.

Nguesso's Congolese Party of Labour (PCT) won a majority in legislative elections last month. He announced after the election that he was seeking to replace the government.

Mouamba and several other key figures ran unopposed in that election.