Complete originals of Anne Frank′s diary on display for first time | Europe| News and current affairs from around the continent | DW | 28.04.2010
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Complete originals of Anne Frank's diary on display for first time

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, the museum has opened an additional room to display one of its greatest treasures: the complete originals of Anne Frank's diary.

Anne Frank

Only part of Anne Frank's famous diary has been on display until now

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam has opened a new 'diary room' to display Anne Frank's complete, original diary in the house where it was written. The Jewish teenager chronicled her and her family's life in hiding from the Nazis during World War II.

In a ceremony on Wednesday, Dutch Queen Beatrix officially opened the new room that will house the new parts of Anne's diary. Other parts of the diary have been on display in the house since it opened in 1960, but additional notebooks and loose sheets of paper have now been added. They were previously located at the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation.

Anne lived in the annex of what is now the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam for two years starting in 1942. Her family moved into the house to escape persecution from the Nazis.

Anne, her sister Margot, their parents, and other people living in the house were arrested in August 1944 and sent to concentration camps after an informant tipped off the Nazis about their whereabouts. The entire family, except for Anne's father, Otto, died in the camps.

After the war, Otto Frank published Anne's diary, which has sold millions of copies in numerous languages.

Editor: Susan Houlton

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