Coming Home - Japan | Documentaries | DW | 22.11.2013
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Coming Home - Japan

In our series ‘Coming Home’ we accompany Sambi Saito to Japan. She’s a baker who’s been living in Germany for the last ten years. How does it feel to be back in her home country?

Sambi Saito says that the reason she ended up in Germany was…bread. When she was a little girl, her father brought some home with him after a visit to Germany. She instantly decided that one day she’d have to go there herself.

That’s exactly what she did. Sambi Saito arrived in Cologne in February 2003. The minute she clapped eyes on the landmark cathedral, she knew she wanted to stay. She trained as a baker and went on to study nutrition in Mönchengladbach.

01.11.2013 DW Im Focus Expedition Heimat Japan 3

Sambi Saito with a friend in Kyoto.

She’s now spent ten years in Germany, and even though it feels like home, she always visits Japan at least once a year.

01.11.2013 DW Im Focus Expedition Heimat Japan 2

Shooting on location during a typhoon in Kobe.

Deutsche Welle accompanies Sambi Saito back to her roots in Japan. Her journey begins in Tokyo, the city she comes from and where her parents still live. Just a two-hour train ride away is Sendai, administrative capital of the prefecture of Miyagi, which bore the brunt of the tsunami and earthquake in 2011. Here, she meets a friend of her father, a man whose house was destroyed in the disaster. The next stops on her trip are Kanazawa, Kyoto and Kobe, where she catches up with old friends and gets reacquainted with a country that still bears the scars of the catastrophe.

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