Coming Home - A Journey with Saruul Fischer through Mongolia | DocFilm | DW | 04.06.2015
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Coming Home - A Journey with Saruul Fischer through Mongolia

When Saruul Fischer came to East Germany from Mongolia at the age of eleven, she could not have known how important her homeland would be to her in the future. She stayed there after the fall of the Berlin Wall, went to university, married and had children. Struck by a yearning for her homeland, she began developing an idea for the fashion label "Edelziege:”

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The designer has clothing manufactured in Mongolia using the finest cashmere and sells the pieces in Germany. Now, a Deutsche Welle film crew accompanies Saruul on a trip back home to Mongolia. The journey begins in the capital Ulan-Bator, where many of the relatives she regularly visits still live. The tour continues into the west of the country, where she spends the night in a yurt on the expansive steppe. Saruul shows us a life far from civilization, a life that may not exist in this form for very much longer. What does the fashion designer think about the changes that have taken place in Mongolia? How has this transformation affected the Mongolians’ affinity with their traditions?