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Elodie Fromenteau, wearning gold hoop earlings and a black T-shirt, smiles into the camera, behind her hangs a rack of clothes
Elodie Fromenteau in RwandaImage: DW

Clothing knows no gender

May 25, 2023

In this edition, host Pamela Mtanga meets Mduduzi Nhlapo to learn about the Kucheza Africa Festival. Also, five things to do in Accra, Ghana. Plus, South African diamonds and genderless fashion by Elodie Fromenteau.


Oversized and genderless, this is the signature style of Elodie Fromenteau. After spending 22 years in London’s fashion scene, she has made the journey back home to Rwanda to make an indelible mark on African fashion.


5 things to do in Accra

DW Afrimaxx | Accra, Ghana
Image: DW

Step into a world of vibrant colors, rhythms, and flavors in Accra. The city lies along the coast and is home to the Gullah people. Join TV host KMJ for a fun exploration of Ghana's capital city.




Longboard dancing with Cape Verdean Marina Correia

DW Afrimaxx | Marina Correia, Kap Verde
Image: DW

Marina Correia's journey is remarkable. Arriving in France, she struggled to call it home. But finding her passion in skateboarding, she became the freestyle longboard dance world champion in just eight years.




How Molefi Letsiki is changing the diamond industry

DW Afrimaxx | Molefi Letsiki, Südafrika
Image: DW

The journey of second-generation master diamond cutter, Molefi Letsiki, is one to admire. He is the first black majority site holder at De Beers and the first black site holder in the world, not just in South Africa.




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