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Claus Stäcker

Claus Stäcker was formerly a correspondent for German public broadcaster ARD based in Johannesburg, with a predilection for southern Africa.

Since his student days and time as a young reporter in 1994, the watershed year for South Africa, Claus Stäcker's heart has stayed at the Cape of Good Hope, with his reporting always fueled by his hopes for Africa.

Claus Stäcker grew up in Rostock. While a student, he experienced the reunification of Germany at the center of events - in Leipzig. A case of itchy feet and curiosity took him to South Africa at the start of the 1990s, after working for a news agency and broadcaster MDR. There, he experienced the first democratic elections in 1994, saw Nelson Mandela in person several times, wrote for eastern German newspapers and the local "Mail and Guardian" and completed postgraduate studies on the "Cultural History of Africa." To this day, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the radical transformation in South Africa continue to inform his fundamental journalistic commitment to a fair and open world. From 2001, he reported for the ARD from Johannesburg and was the correspondent for southern Africa from 2008 to 2013. He has visited more than 30 African countries.