China school knife attack leaves at least three dead | News | DW | 01.09.2014
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China school knife attack leaves at least three dead

A man has killed at least three people after stabbing eight children and one teacher at a primary school in eastern China. The man is said to have jumped to his death from a fourth-floor window after the attack.

At least three people have died after following a brutal knife attack at Dongfang Primary School in Shiyan in the east China province of Hubei on Monday, the official news agency Xinhua reported.

The man stabbed eight children and a teacher before committing suicide by jumping from a fourth-floor window.

The motive behind the attack, which was carried out on the first day back at school after the summer break, remains unclear. On the Chinese microblogging site Sina Weibo, the local broadcaster Shiyan television reported that the man had carried out the attack "because he couldn't enroll his children."

ksb/mkg (Reuters, AFP)