Chiemgau - Winter Beauty in Upper Bavaria | All media content | DW | 16.02.2013
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Chiemgau - Winter Beauty in Upper Bavaria

It’s Bavaria at its loveliest. From mountains to lakes to palaces, the Chiemgau region of Upper Bavaria has everything a holidaymaker might fancy. Lake Chiemsee, nestled in the Chiemgau Alps, is a perfect example. In the winter, the blanket of snow over the picture-book countryside adds to its charm.

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Reit im Winkl is one of most reliable of Germany’s winter sport resorts when it comes to snow. At lower elevations, it’s ideal for cross-country skiers, and a bit higher up, Winklmoosalm offers the perfect terrain for downhill skiing. For après ski entertainment, there’s the Bergfex’n Trio, who perform at Hindenburg Cabin.

Even in winter, boats take you over Lake Chiemsee to the fabled palace of Herrenchiemsee. It was built by Ludwig II of Bavaria, who also built Neuschwanstein.

Master chef Heinz Winkler provides culinary delights at his restaurant in Aschau and at an elevation of nearly 1700 meters, Mount Kampenwand offers a magnificent panoramic view of the Alps.